BraulerWe’ve answered some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about THE BRÄULER MODULAR GROWLER SYSTEM® below.  If you don’t find your answer here, contact us!

  • Why should I choose The Bräuler™ over other growlers?
  • Hydrodynamically designed by chemical engineers for controlled foam, easy fill, and easy pour • Designed and engineered specifically for the beer industry • Designed and tested to 5 bar abs/60 psig • Holds carbonation until opened (we have tested up to 3 weeks) • Fills in 37 seconds • No foam when filling due to our engineered design • Easy to detect when the Bräuler is full – feel the cold • Seals completely – doesn’t spill in your fridge, car, backpack, etc. • Lightweight • Durable • Sanitizable
  • Is The Bräuler™ available in CA or other states which require growlers to be labeled?
    Yes. Many breweries in states which require special labeling have ordered The Bräuler™. These units are permanently or temporarily labeled under brewery supervision, complying with state laws.
  • What is the volume of The Bräuler?
    It is a standard 64 ounce, half gallon fill to just above the shoulder. Fill to the bottom of the threads and you have 2 liters. There are laser-etched exterior marks for both.
  • Does it hold pressure?
    Yes, that is the whole point! Our unique and original design is based on brewing equipment and other pressure-holding vessels. The Bräuler™ was designed with input from top brewmasters around the U.S. We have tested both the bottle and the cap beyond 5 bar pressure. There is no leaking or distortion of the bottle at this pressure. This vessel is for the brewery as well as the bar. It’s also great for wine, cider, and any other carbonated or non-carbonated beverages.
  • Why “modular”?
    The patented Bräuler Modular Growler System® is designed to work with a variety of proprietary, Zythos Project-designed caps and accessories. The BräulerForce charger keeps beverages carbonated longer, while the PicnicTap makes it even easier to share your beer with friends.
  • I want it! How do I get it?

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