About Us

From Beer Connoisseur magazine to the website Thrillist, Portland, Ore. has been named the best city in the world to drink beer, and rightly so. With almost 100 breweries in the metro area, BrewlandiaSM has much to offer the discerning palate in terms of both the quantity and quality of our local craft brews. But how do you maintain that quality when you purchase beer at your local brewery or taproom for consumption elsewhere?


The Zythos Project originated in January 2011 when a group of friends in Portland, Ore. (where else?!) came together to design a new type of beer growler. Their goal was to make the vessel lightweight but durable, easy to fill and to pour, and leakproof. After months of engineering and testing, prototypes of the first Brȁulers were shared with attendees at the Craft Brewers Conference in February and again at the Great American Beer Festival that fall and were an instant hit with brewers.


Now, five years later, the original engineer and his wife, the business maven, continue to own and operate the company out of their offices in northeast Portland. The Brȁuler Modular Growler System has undergone many changes and improvements, including the addition of BräulerForce CO2 charger, which keeps beverages carbonated longer, and the PicnicTap, which makes it even easier to share your beer with friends.


We are committed to providing the highest quality, best designed growler on the market. Please click here to learn more about the Brȁuler and order yours today!